We Bring Individual, Beautifully Designed Products Direct to You

Closely working with artisans, we develop unique collections using only the finest materials. Through this process and direct sales only, we ensure you get excellent quality and great value. All our shoes are crafted per order, and to fit, making each pair individual. You can only buy Polyforma products here, so take a look now.


Our Modern Values Make Us Different


  •       Fair value - Only selling direct online, we avoid reseller markups and reduce our overheads. You benefit directly from such quality being more affordable.
  •     Quality - Our mantra is “buy less, buy better”. We don’t like waste or ‘throwaway fashion’. We don’t compromise with materials or production, so our products last.
  •   Craftsmanship - High quality comes from craft communities who have learnt traditional skills. We rely on their expertise and support them to ensure their future.
  • Transparency - We want to help people understand where their products come from. It’s a right that helps inform purchase decisions as well as enhance  trust in the quality of our pieces.