premium quality, made-to-fit sneakers - always updated, new choice. 

Merging online with physical store experience, combining benefits of slow and fast fashion. 

By showcasing premium quality, made-to-fit Italian sneakers and offering simple ordering process at traditional retail locations we merge traditional artisan manufacturing with ever-changing fast fashion offering. 

We offer different kind of shopping experience.

Each customer can get a unique product, made individually for him, optimally meeting his or her needs. Whereas retailer is able to eliminate most costs of stock management as well as reduce risks and investment related to new merchandise buying.


For our retail partners we offer a current line of shoes for a display, for customers to see and touch and a trying shoe in all available sizes to determine the right fit. 

A customer sees the model that he wants to order.

He tries a trying shoe and together with a shop assistant defines all details. According to customer's feedback a shoe size can be further adjusted (shoes made in half size, or one shoe size different than another), they can be made extra wide or higher arch. The shoes can be personalised engraving initials and other. A shop assistant processes the order and via digital interface passes it to us.

We hand-craft the shoes according to customer specifications and in 2 weeks ship them directly from Italy to his address. 

instant gratification - physical item to satisfy customer psychological needs.

the new way of fashion - optimal value creation for all parties involved - as a designer I can create freely and update my creations with more potential to innovation. producers manufacture according to demand, focusing on quality as each product individual, making less waste and ensuring sustainability, retailer without any costs of stocking merchandise can focus on customer service and selling. Customer gets high quality product, adapted to their specific needs