Eighty Two high-top, pure

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82 high pure back.jpg
82 high pure detail01.jpg
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Eighty Two high-top, pure


Our homage to a classical sneaker silhouette. Each pair is individually hand-made from a full grain, vegetable tanned Vaquetta leather.

• No chemicals or heavy metals are used to process the leather.

• Hand cut.

• Strobel shoe construction.

• Every pair is individually numbered.  


Made with care in Italy within 3 weeks.

Worldwide delivery. 

Free size adjustment.

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What's in the box?



- Your shoes made to size   - A second pair of lower profile insoles

- An additional pair of waxed cotton shoe laces



Transparent Details



Shoes proudly made by Formula Srl, Fermo, Italy.

Leather for upper: vegetable tanned Vaquetta leather. Tannery: Victoria Srl. Tuscany, Italy.

Hide origin: France (origin certificate available under request). 

Leather for lining: chemically untreated, vegetable tanned calf leather. Tannery: Rodi Pellami Srl. Montegranaro, Italy

Shoe sole: natural rubber composition. Produced by Margom Srl. Civitanova Marche, Italy

Midsole: composition of cellulose and cotton. Produced by Selettificio Sara Srl. Fermo, Italy

Insole: composition of natural latex and antibacterial polyfoam. Produced by Spac Srl. Verona, Italy

Shoelaces: natural cotton, waxed with metal alloy ends. Produced by Maggio Adua Srl. Monte Vidon Corrado, Italy

Shoelaces: Cow leather. Produced by Pieroni, Monturano, Italy

Leather dyes: special composition of pigments for vegetable tanned vaquetta leather. Produced by Nuova Biocentro Srl. Montegranaro, Italy

Box and shoe packaging: Composition of cellulose (paper) and dyes. Produced by Scatolificio Maura, Fermo, Italy

Fine Leather Cream: Produced by Collonil, Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co, Berlin, Germany


Fair, Transparent Pricing

The traditional retail model involves both wholesale and retail mark-up costs which are minimum four times the total production cost. With Polyforma, we add approximately 100% mark-up to production price to cover all other our costs, such as conception, design, research, office, administration and marketing.


To ensure the highest quality of our products we have carefully chosen every supplier that we work with. Please contact us if you need any more information